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Aldemaro Romero School of Music offers the best musical educational programs for people of all ages and levels serving the North Dade Miami and South Broward areas.

Our students are exposed to a wonderful musical experience in a fun and engaging atmosphere while mentored by the most renowned musicians, collegiate professors, and other world-class faculty.

Our programs are designed to have our students learn the fundamentals of their instruments, developing their technique and giving them an understanding of how to apply music theory and harmony.

We are committed to creating a new standard in music education by redefining the music learning experience.


In addition, the students have many opportunities to perform in public during the school year, enhancing their artistic and performance skills.

We have a world class faculty with a passion for teaching with very high skills and expertise in some of the world’s renowned music educational systems and artistic movements.


We offer exceptional programs: Piano, strings, percussion and wind instruments lessons along with voice lessons, Recorder and many more.
Some instruments are available to play by the children and they come in all sizes, even for the smallest children!

We offer an extensive repertoire of printed material available on our music stands which complete the requirements for the children's well development in music.

If you do not find the one that you or your child wants, please CONTACT US and we will do our best to match you with the best option out of our exceptional first class teaching database of professionals.
Our popular group lessons are specially designed for children three years of age and up:
MUSIC INITIATION, STEPPING INTO MUSIC, and VOICE GROUP & ENSEMBLE PROGRAMS, we have all the musical and technical needs, as instruments, scores, audition and visual equipments and all that is needed for our children.
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